Friction and Wear

Every moving parts are inevitably accompanied with friction and wear. Friction and wear have a great influence on durability and reliability of machines, therefore these friction and wear have to be understood thoroughly and the methods of friction and wear control are greatly required. However, the generation mechanism and prediction method of friction and wear are not established unlike lubrication mechanism, which brings about a lot of problems and difficulties in the industry. In order to understand the mechanism of friction and wear generation and to identify their characteristics, we have developed various friction and wear testers and performed friction and wear experiments for various materials by using them.

Research ongoing

Study on wear behavior in gun barrel
Friction characteristics of brake pads in automobile

Research until now

- Design technique of experimental friction and wear tester
- Study on the wear and friction properties of wear resistance material
- Study on friction torque of high speed angular contact ball bearing
- Friction and wear behavior of ceramic
- Friction and wear behavior of undulated surfaces
- Study on prediction of traction coefficients in the traction drive
- Study on friction and wear of solid lubricant inserted bearing
- Wear behavior of journal bearing with someerfeld number variation
- Friction and wear behavior of Al2O3-Tic material
- Friction and wear behavior of carbon fiber reinforced polyetheretherketone

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