Magnetic Bearing

Magnetic bearings uses magnetic force generated by electromagnet surrounding rotating shaft in order to support the shaft. It is free from the direct contact of the shaft and bearing, which guarantees the operation with very low friction and energy loss. Additionally, the vibration of the shaft can be significantly reduced through a feedback control. Furthermore, usage in vacuum and high temperature environment is also possible.

For these reasons, these bearings are frequently used in inertia wheel control of a satellite, high precision spindle system, centrifugal separator and so on.

Our laboratory has carried out both theoretical and experimental researches about magnetic bearings as follows.

- Analysis of PM homopolar type self-bearing
- Effect of machining and assembling errors on the bearing-rotor system supported by magnetic bearing
- Study on high speed spindle supported by magnetic bearings
- Digital control of magnetic bearing by using DSP
- Study on 5-axis controlled magnetic bearing
- Study on the stiffness of magnetic bearing

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