Micro/Nano tribology

Because friction, wear and lubrication phenomena in nano scale are greatly by the interaction of a few atom layers on the suraces, tribogical behavior in microscopic scale is very different from that in macroscopin scale. Therefore, tribology in nano scale has to be approached differently and we call it 'Nanotribology' in that meaning.

Recently, many tribological problems in machining, assembling and driving of MEMS and NEMS come to the front with the upcoming development of MEMS and NEMS technology. This is because surace forces like friction or surface tension becomes dominating in nanoscale and it has not been studied widely and deeply, yet.

Study on nanotribology is ongoing experimentally by using AFM(Atomic force microscopy) and theoretically by using atomistic modelling like DFT, MD simulation, and multiscale modeling. In our laboratory, study on the wear and friction behavior of an atomic scale is being performed by using MD simulation about the copper and carbon.

With the systematic study on nanotribology, micro/nano machine, high density information storage devices, and ultra precision machining technology will be developed and utilized to impact the market.

Research ongoing :
A study on friction and wear behavior by using MD simulation

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