Lecture : Theory of hydrodynamic lubrication (MAE545)


In this course, lubrication and related subjects are covered. Flow properties such as viscosity are covered and governing equation is derived to understand the fundamental theory of hydrodynamic lubrication. Various issues related to lubrication are covered such as thermohydrodynamic lubrication, elastohydrodynamic lubrication, inlet pressure, cavitation, and stability of rotor-bearing system, etc.


Theory of fluid film lubrication
Theory of lubrication of rolling element bearing
Hydrostatic bearing
Hydrodynamic bearing
Turbulent lubrication and EHL
Instability of bearing-rotor system supported by fluid film bearing
Cavatation and inlet pressure


A. Cameron, "The Principles of Lubrication"
A. Cameron, "Basic Lubrication Theory"
A. Z. Szeri, "Fluid Film Lubrication: Theory & Design"
Bernard J. Hamrock, "Fundamentals of Fluid Film Lubrication", Mc Graw hill

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