Term explanation
The word 'Tribology' is derived form Greek word 'tribos' which means rubbing and sliding, and defined as the science and technology of interacting surfaces in relative motion and related subjects. It includes a field of friction, lubrication, and wear.

In the 1960's, U.K. suffered a great loss in manufacturing process. It was because of breakdown of manufacturing machine caused by wear and fall of lubrication. This serious loss occupied the attention of experts related in wear, lubrication, and friction.

With the aid of these experts, economic loss caused by wear, friction, and lubrication was investigated widely and deeply. As a results of these investigations, the word 'Tribology' including the fields of wear, friction, and lubrication was born.
It is only fifty years since the word 'Tribology' was first used, but many problems and phenomena related with 'Tribology' have been recgonized since the birth of civilization. For example, there is no about that the early tribologists are those who found that to drag a heavy on the round log is much easier than to draw on the ground.

Importance of Tribology
Every machine consists of many machine elements and has the moving parts which is necessary to every machine. This relative motion cause wear and friction which lead to the breakdown of machine. The energy loss derived from wear and friction, besides, greatly reduces the efficiency of machine.

According to the Jost report in 1966, economic loss arised from wear and friction was equivalent to 4% of GNP and 30% of total energy produced in the industry vanished by friction and wear. Therefore, for the reliability and endurance fo machine and the reduction of the produce cost, wear and friction must be decreased and controlled properly. In these process, Tribology plays a major role in analyzing many complicated problems and deriving the proper solutions.

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